Kraken Rum Bar

Warsaw: Kraken Rum Bar

Taming the beast in your belly

Social and casual eateries with and edge are an up and coming trend in Warsaw. If you’re looking for a cozy place where to eat well and hang out with your pack, Kraken Rum Bar is the place for you.

One thing you’ll probably notice about the locals of Warsaw is that they do know how to casually drink and eat. The contemporary culinary scene actually made us think of a hip Eastern European take on tapas, siesta and the whole attitude that comes with it. And Kraken Rum Bar is a good example of that.

Located on Ulica Poznańska, a street where you won’t be running short of food options (check out Kaskrut further up the street, another worthwhile restaurant with a modern-molecular vegan-friendly profile), Kraken Rum Bar focuses on two things: rum and seafood. And when you see how the place looks like, a hip hybrid of industrial and nautical elements backed up by trashy 60s/70s music vibes, you’ll understand why you won’t be needing more. It’s as if James Brown and Popeye met up for a lobster party, and you’re invited.

Their rum is locally sourced from the micro-brewery Artezan. It comes in many delightful variations, from pure to rum-infused beers to rum cocktails. Just pick yours favs. Their seafood comes as it should: fresh, sizzling and shareable. Expect hearty dishes served straight up from an iron pan, with homemade sauces to dip your chunk of bread in until the very last mouthful. And the good thing about it, the prices won’t leave you regretting over-ordering, which you will be tempted to do.

What you're eating:
A pan of sizzling squid paired with parsley pesto and crisp baguette.
What you're drinking:
Their Hemingway Daquiri to get you going.
The extra mile for:
Their food culture — cozy and shareable dishes.
“Make it short! I want you rum brave, not useless.”
- Humphrey Bogart (To Have and Have Not) -