Warsaw: Kaskrut

Vegan Encounters of the Third Kind

When you’re travelling, one thing becomes obvious pretty fast: some cities are more vegan-friendly than others. And Warsaw is definitely one of them. If you want to take your veggie trip to a contemporary gourmet level, Kaskrut is a safe bet.

We’ve tried figuring out what makes Poles like their veggies so much: we talked to some of the locals, like the owners of Pełną Parą — a worthwhile veggie-friendly dim-sum restaurant in town, we saw that the biggest foodie market Hala Mirowska is definitely not running short on greens, we also tasted the best vegan ice-cream we’ve ever had. Something is happening in Warsaw: whether it’s a foodie trend or something deeply rooted in Polish culture, we don’t know. But our tastebuds are surely enjoying every minute of it.

Kaskrut is a vegan-friendly gourmet restaurant with a four-course menu focuses on three things -  taste, quality and value for money. In our world, this is basically the holy trinity for what a restaurant experience should be. With dishes inspired by French, Japanese and North African cuisines, the owners still manage to stay true to their Polish surroundings by celebrating seasonal produce in every serving. 

What you should expect is well-balanced dishes, both vegetarian and meat based, that taste as good as they look. What you will not be getting is psychedelic hippie food with a '70s vibe, which in many cases has become synonymous with everything “vegan” and “vegetarian”. Don’t get us wrong, that is fine as well, but isn’t it refreshing to get something else for a change?

If they happen to be booked and you're looking for a more seafood-rum-focused dinner, here's a delicious plan B: Kraken Rum Bar just down the street.

What you're eating:
Their menu changes every two weeks, and you’ll get both a vegan option and vegetarian-meat mixed menu.
What you're drinking:
One of their aromatic Polish wines, followed by a cocktail to round up the night at the Weles cocktail bar.
The extra mile for:
Giving vegan and vegetarian cuisine a contemporary kick.
“Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”
- Mark Twain -