Gelateria Gracchi

Rome: Gelateria Gracchi

Awakening the kid in you through slowly-churned gelato

When it comes to ice-cream, a trip down memory lane always seems to bring back the same thing: the search for the real. From the first scoop, our taste buds somehow land in the same place: we hope to find the real taste and flavour of our childhood, be it vanilla, fruit or chocolate. Get ready, Gelateria Gracchi will awaken the kid in you and take you back exactly where you left off.

Placed in the polished Prati district, Gelateria Gracchi is pretty close to the Vatican Gardens and the bustling shopping street Cola di Rienzo. Nevertheless, when you meet its door, you'll figure out that this known confectionery and ice-cream parlour is far from touristy. Throughout the years, it has gained the local status of being one of the finest gelaterias of the eternal city. And, after your first taste, you'll figure out what all the fuss is about.

Here's something good to keep in mind: Gracchi specializes in artisan gelato that follows a solid Italian tradition. For many, gelato is the real thing, a far superior product than your average store-bought ice-cream. Less air, less fluff and less fat. The artisans from Gracchi take it one step further: no preservatives, no artificial colouring, no hydrogenated fats. At this point, you're probably wondering: “what's left to it then?”. Well, the goodness that makes a true ice-cream - real natural ingredients.

Instead of full fat cream, Italian gelato uses milk that is slowly churned until it becomes soft and creamy. The slower the churning, the creamier and more flavourful the result. And the makers of Gracchi know that patience is key. Add to that fresh egg yolks and natural fruits or nuts and you have the Gracchi ice-cream. If you're lactose-intolerant, they also make scrumptious sorbets of Mediterranean fruits.

A visit to Gracchi is never the same. The owners take pride in relying on seasonal ingredients that are in tune with the natural cycles of mater terra. And since the climate of Italy is so rich and forgiving, there's always an exciting new gelato flavour in season. Either in a coppo (cup) or a cono (cone), the Gracchi gelato will be a tasty reminder of what Italian ice-cream is really supposed to be about.

What you're eating:
If you're up for an authentic experience, go for their Zabaione gelato made of milk, egg yolks and Marsala.
The extra mile for:
Keeping true to Italian traditions by working with simple and natural ingredients.
“Ice-cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn't illegal.”
- Voltaire -