Coffee Pot

Rome: Coffee Pot

Sushi & mezcal with a contemporary Roman twist

Coffee Pot is not your average Roman eatery. There’s no cacio e pepe, zabaglione or carbonara on their daily menu. What you will find instead is an epicurean synthesis of West and East. The golden triangle of Japanese, Mexican and Spanish cuisines, you may say:  sushi, mezcal and tapas. And the Romans can’t get enough of it.

Located on Via Della Lega Lombarda, a bohemian streak of the buzzing Trastevere, Coffee Pot adds a contemporary twist to the classics. To claim that they serve “upgraded versions” of sushi and tacos are perhaps big words. What we dare admit is that their dishes are different and playful. A first look at their menu will reveal an amalgam of flavours: caramelized lime, truffles, roasted sesame paired with local ingredients such as the familiar rosso pomodoro, basil and anchovies.

You may call the minds behind Coffee Pot culinary heathens. Taking cues from their travels and food experiences, they are not afraid to untraditionally experiment with flavours and ingredients in both their dishes and drinks. Their sushi rolls and tacos may not cater to purist palates, but they will definitely bring a cozy and fun feeling to the table. Join them with tantalizing mezcal, pisco and tequila cocktails, and your trip to Rome will instantly become an exploration of further lands.

In a way, Coffee Pot is very Roman at heart, even without adhering to Roman culinary traditions. The plates on their menu are shareable and small, inviting you to enjoy them with others across the table. Just like an Italian aperitivo, they are an epitome of social food and unpretentious habits. Add to that a cozy design abundant in exotic plants and dim lights, and this restaurant in Trastevere will seem like an oasis to the eternal city.

What you're eating:
In terms of sushi, their signature roll with sundried tomato, as well as the truffle roll are welcome additions to their menu.
What you're drinking:
Their take on the classic pisco sour with a Mexican sal de gusano is a reliable choice. For an extra spice, go with their tequila-based El Tiburon, infused with habanero and agave.
The extra mile for:
Bringing a Roman touch to the term "fusion" and doing it right.
“A good rule to remember for life is that when it comes to plastic surgery and sushi, never be attracted by a bargain.”
- Graham Norton -