Prague: Sisters

12 angry chlebiceks

Being Copenhagen homies (one by birth and the other through assimilation), we were intrigued by Sisters. A cozy bistro that gives you the Czech take on the Scandinavian open sandwich? Now that’s something to try.

To our shame, we later found out that the Czech actually have a long tradition for open-faced sandwiches, which they call chlebicek. What we also found out was that the owners are actually two sisters — one of them being Hana Michopolu, a well-known food writer and local figure in the Czech culinary scene.

What you get at Sisters strays a bit from tradition due to the good size of the dishes — more concentrated taste = more room for the next slice, and the modern mix of ingredients like chilli, beets, shrimp, smoked salmon and tartar. That doesn’t mean that they don’t stay true to their roots as well: if you’re Czech (and this is definitely a place for the locals), you will find their choice of ingredients familiar, and you’ll be happy to know that the sisters like organic and local produce.

And did we mention that the sandwiches are affordable? Grab a couple of these babies for brunch, and you’re fueled, with a happy wallet and ready to hit the city.

Plan B: If your tastebuds are into something more decadent, head to Cafe Savoy for a hearty brunch option. Part of the famous Ambiente Chain, rumours say that they have one of the best vetrniks in town.

What you're eating:
For the veggie lovers — the beet and goat cheese spread. For satisfying the Scandinavian hunger — their shrimp and tarragon mayo chlebiceks may just be the thing for you.
What you're drinking:
Their local beer. If not in Prague, where else?
The extra mile for:
An affordable Czech lunch, a definite value for money.
“What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?”
- Bertolt Brecht -