Cafe Savoy

Prague: Cafe Savoy

For the gals and gents that take their time

As far as lazy breakfasts go, Cafe Savoy really hits the spot in more places than one: beautiful Neo-renaissance interior (it’s Czech, which means you’re getting the real deal), decadent European-rooted dishes, and their own patisserie, which might just have the best vetrniks* in town. Did we mention that they also play Frank Sinatra in the toilet? All of this makes it pretty hard to hit a higher level of synesthetic pleasure in one go.

For the ladies and gents that like taking it slow, you might have just found your favourite spot in Prague: Cafe Savoy from the Ambiente Chain (for dinner, check out Čestr, a contemporary eatery that puts locally sourced beef on a pedestal) offers a good selection of dishes that pretend that the calorie count doesn’t even exist. Gruyère cheese en masse, eggs with truffles, homemade brioches with ham and steamy hot chocolate give you a glimpse of their menu selection. Hey, you’re on holiday after all.

What is more, you’ll probably spend an equal amount of time staring at their beautiful fin-de-siècle ceiling dating back to 1893, as you’ll be contemplating the indulgent dishes and drinks in front of you.

*vetrniks: Bohemia’s take on the French profiterole. Expect vanilla cream, topped with caramel glazing.

What you're eating:
Their signature Omelette Savoy with Gruyère cheese. And expect a lot of cheese.
What you're drinking:
Steaming coffee on a rainy day, or why not really get into that holiday spirit and enjoy a glass of wine from their own vinotheque?
The extra mile for:
Bringing back the spirit of the cafés of the First Czechoslovakian Republic.
“What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?”
- Bertolt Brecht -