Blue Fjord

Prague: Blue Fjord

Bouillabaisse in Prague because… why the hell not

If you’re on the lookout for a cozy maritime vibe reminiscent of the French riviera, or you need to fill up your bouillabaisse supplies as we were, Blue Fjord is the place for you.

With an inviting display of fresh fish and seafood, white benches and swim rings to keep the hungry mouths from going astray, the guys behind this restaurant seem to know what they’re doing. Psst, if you're looking for a lighter open-sandwich lunch, check out the nearby Sisters, as well.

At Blue Fjord things are simple: honest, fresh and tasty fish and seafood that you can buy or have it made by two Czech chefs on the spot. Forget about the menu, it’s more of a “seen, picked, cooked on the spot” kinda place. Sure, there’s the daily bouillabaisse fish soup as well, and some pretty tasty seafood appetisers if that tickles your fancy.

We went with the soup and a fresh tuna steak with grilled veggies & fresh herbs on the side. Both our tummies and wallets were happy with the choice (it’s Czech prices after all, and this place complies to the local norm). For the fish lover in you, this place is the real deal.

What you're eating:
Bouillabaisse with a dip-in baguette and/or a juicy fish steak that kissed the pan in the right way.
What you're drinking:
White wine. Nothing fancy here: if it’s their house wine, it will be rustic and cozy.
The extra mile for:
The no-fish smell in a place that literally sells only fish, in all shapes and sizes. That says enough about how fresh their products are.
“Only the pure in heart can make a good soup.”
- Ludwig van Beethoven -