Prague: Čestr

Love me tender, love me sweet

Located in a modern building near the National Museum, Čestr is an Ambiente steakhouse that’s popular amongst both local and foreign crowds. If you have been looking for modern restaurants in Prague or you’ve been following Gastropolitans, you may be familiar with the Ambiente chain. These guys are behind some of the most popular and affordable eateries in town like Cafe Savoy, Lokal and Naše maso. Each of their establishments is recognizable for its state-of-the-art contemporary design and genuine use of ingredients. And Čestr makes no exception.

At Čestr, local beef is placed on a pedestal. As soon as you enter, it will become obvious how much attention they give to meat from the aged cuts put on display in their meat locker, the oversized butcher map on the wall and the custom-made tiles and ceramics with their signature cattle horn logo.

And then there’s the actual meat. Supplied exclusively by local beef from the famous Fleckvieh breed, this restaurant creates traditional steak dishes played with modern crossovers. In an artisan yet contemporary fashion, they bring back an old tradition of aging beef that has a deeper flavour and enhanced tenderness. Thanks to breaking down muscle tissue through careful maturation, you will be guaranteed to get a proper cut, prepared to perfection every time it’s set on your plate. You can get it both raw in the form of their signature tartar or grilled to your taste and needs.

But there’s more to Čestr than its meat. Their menu includes both fish and vegetarian dishes like slowly-cooked or grilled trout fillet and beetroot and goat cheese salad, both tested by us during our visit. We liked seeing that their sides get special attention: their potato mash is boiled in organic milk, their home-made fries are served with browned butter or truffle sauce and their traditional Czech dumplings are boiled to perfection.

Both their desserts and approach to drink serve the modern Czech ethos. You can wash down their savoury dishes with an unfiltered Pilsner Urquell draught beer or with local Moravian wines. Make sure to leave some room for dessert. Their take on Czech classics such as the poppy buns with rum mousse and the local trhanec pull-apart pancake with plums and curd (the Moravian take of the Austrian Kaiserschmarrn), as well as their signature homemade beer ice-cream with caramel and plums are definitely worth a try.

What you're eating:
Their signature "Sashimi" made of fresh tenderloin, saké, mirin, apple jam and ginger.
What you're drinking:
Kozel beer, a local favourite.
The extra mile for:
Being the best steakhouse in town with locally sourced deliciousness.
“If we're not supposed to eat animals, how come they're made out of meat?”
- Tom Snyder -