Paris: Nanashi

Social bentos in hip Marais

If your tastebuds are up for some cross-cultural gastronomical playfulness, then the social eatery Nanashi in Marais is a place to consider.

Located in the hip Marais district, Nanashi has already generated some considerable buzz amongst young Parisians who are passionate about organic produce and simple Japanese cuisine. Owned by Kaori Endo, whom is known for being the former pastry chef at local Rose Bakery, but also for being the author of the book Une Japonaise à Paris, Nanashi has become popular for giving the locals ‘le bento parisien’ and a taste of unpretentious Japanese food.

What will pleasantly surprise you about Nanashi is its simplicity. The design is minimal and clean, with an open kitchen, white walls and light wooden tables that give the whole place a young Scandinavian canteen feel. The uncluttered look leaves room for the simple dishes made of fresh ingredients that are mainly locally sourced. Both the setup and the food give Nanashi an uncomplicated feel, without the fuss and extra-planning needed in other highbrow restaurants.

Although their bento is what has mainly created the hype about this eatery, it’s not the only interesting dish on their menu. Their Beef Don with onglet steak and homemade barbeque sauce, as well as the organic Chirashi Salmon with wasabi and microgreens are also worth a mention. We also like their Japanese take on the traditional Italian panna cotta with roasted black sesame seeds.

With its laid-back atmosphere and reasonable prices, Nanashi in bustling Marais appeals to creative crowds that are not afraid to try simple dishes created with East-West crossovers.

What you're eating:
Their take on the classic Gyudon (Beef Don) from tender hanger steak.
What you're drinking:
The Dassaï sake is always a good choice.
The extra mile for:
Bringing a Japanese touch to the Parisian cool.
“I dreamed: I am the fish whose flesh is eaten, and because I am fat, it is good. ”
- Philip K. Dick -