Lulu White

Paris: Lulu White

The sound of the absinthe stomp

If there’s one thing we are passionate about, that’s a good speakeasy. Superior cocktails, dim light, well-thought design, and, if you’re lucky, a sexed-up toilet to live up to the rest of the milieu — what’s not to like? This takes us on a continuous quest for finding the perfect speakeasy that checks all the boxes. We’re not entirely sure if the Parisian Lulu White is the one, but it was pretty damn close.

A newcomer to the Parisian cocktail scene, Lulu White is the love affair of two cities. Coupling the French Belle Epoque chic with the New Orleans old & husky tune echoed by a fierce brothel owner called Lulu White, this cocktail bar is the latest project of the owners of The Little Red Door, an already established drinking den in the local Parisian scene. The description may sound pretentious, but once you’re in, you are welcomed by an instant coziness and laid-back attitude.

Leaving the looks and feel aside, Lulu White is an absinthe place. Not in the neon-medicinal-liquid-on-fire sense, more in the sense of having a solid menu of carefully tailored cocktails that use absinthe in the making of a contemporary drink. Be prepared for flavour, texture and refined aesthetics in contemporary cocktails that take their cue from Prohibition era classics. And if you ask us, this is what a cocktail of our times should be.

With its relaxed mood and polished decor, Lulu White is a reliable choice for those who venture in the Parisian night in search of a decadent cocktail. If you'd like to expand your mixology trip, make sure to also check out the Experimental Cocktail Club for finishing off your nocturnal roam.

What you're drinking:
The creamy Carmen Miranda and their eponymous signature drink.
The extra mile for:
Skilfully incorporating absinthe in contemporary cocktails.
“After the first glass of absinthe you see things as you wish they were. ”
- Oscar Wilde -