Breizh Café

Paris: Breizh Café

A French pancake of plenty

Besides brie, baguettes, île flottante and croissants, there’s one iconic French dish that deserves more attention: the savoury Breton galette. And if there’s one place in Paris to get it, that’s Breizh Café in the uptown Marais district.

Taking its cues from true Breton traditions, Breizh Café pays tribute to the classic galette de blé noir by using authentic high-quality ingredients, but at the same turns into, what they call - a crêpe autrement, giving the humble Breton pancake a contemporary Parisian spin. The owner of Breizh comes from Brittany himself and he does not seem to be afraid to experiment with the raw ingredients that this area has to offer in order to create new exciting flavours.

Compared to the traditional crêpe, a well-made Breton galette is simple,  unpretentious and crispy on the edges, thus turning it into a perfect brunch or lunch staple. The Breizh galette is made from organic buckwheat flour and brushed with a generous amount of butter on both sides. You can actually tell the chefs if you want it brown and crispy or moelleuse, the softer version, that some claim to be the authentic ones enjoyed in some areas of Brittany.

When you have a quick look at their menu, you will immediately notice that it almost follows a culinary progression, starting from the simple and modest versions with raw ingredients such as smoked Bordier butter and artisanal ham for Bretagne. The egg is a quintessential ingredient, be it scrambled or sunny side up, depending on your taste. For the more adventurous tastebuds, there’s ingredients such as artisanal smoked salmon, onion-cider confit, andouille sausage and herring caviar that find their place in the steaming crisp wrap.

Besides their signature galettes, Breizh also sell classic sweet crêpes made with seasonal fruit and dairy fillings, over 60 varieties of artisanal ciders from Brittany and organic farmer’s milk and buttermilk to round up the meal.


What you're eating:
Their signature La Cancalaise, with artisan smoked herring, crème fraîche from Bordier and herring caviar
What you're drinking:
Locally-sourced cider made following a thousand-year old Breton tradition.
The extra mile for:
Looking back at Breton taste traditions, while being anchored in the present.
“A man may be a pessimistic determinist before lunch and an optimistic believer in the will's freedom after it.”
- Aldous Huxley -