Frijenno Magnanno

Milan: Frijenno Magnanno

Bringing the extra pizzazz to the Milanese pizza

Even in Italy, finding the place that delivers awesome pizza like an adoptive Italian mamma would make is a difficult task. We have a tip for you: Frijenno Magnanno.

When it comes to experiencing Italian food, there’s always a five letter word on everyone’s lips: pizza. We like it, we talk about it, and we want the real deal when we get to Italy, even if it’s in the northern parts. And that resonates in all of us. That’s precisely why you should make a quick pit stop at Frijenno Magnanno on your trip to cosmopolitan Milan.

The name of this eatery, meaning “frying and eating” in Neapolitan dialect, shows what the owners brothers Louis and Carmine Amato stand for: simple and tasty Neapolitan dishes that are cooked and eaten with pleasure. While their recipes may stay true to the roots, you’ll find the environment refreshingly modern, with an open kitchen that gives you a full view over the preparation of the dishes, and a cozy counter showcasing the many local ingredients that they use.

Their modus operandi will become pretty obvious when you take the first bite of their pizza. Perfect chardy crust straight out from the stone oven, and classic ingredients like mozzarella di bufala, anchovies, smoked prosciutto and local tomatoes. And they also have the more regional pizza fritta, if you’re up for something different. If you feel like expanding your order, these guys also embrace slow-food, so you’ll find pasta, meat and fish dishes made in a truly Neapolitan style.

Let’s be honest, there are bad pizzerias even in Italy, so it’s nice to find an eatery that actually does the job.

What you're eating:
Their scamorza pizza with buffalo scamorza cheese, tomatoes, and mozzarella. Simple and so damn good.
What you're drinking:
Espresso, like a local. Insider tip: no milk after 11AM if you really want to blend in.
The extra mile for:
Staying true to the Neapolitan tradition by using simple first-rate ingredients.
“Pizza makes me think that anything is possible.”
- Henry Rollins -