Cioccolati Italiani

Milan: Cioccolati Italiani

Italian chocolate as a Monday-to-Sunday affair

When it comes to gelato and chocolate, CioccolatItaliani means serious business. On the quest for the perfect chocolate ice-cream, we ended up at this ice-cream parlor near Duomo for a late night indulgence. That’s right, they are open late and they are also centrally located, which makes this place a perfect go-to when you’re on a compact city trip.

A well-established Milanese chain and also a franchise, CioccolatItaliani focuses on one thing only: delivering superior ice-cream that celebrates chocolate in all its shapes, textures and flavours. Chocolate is literally floating all over the place, in an ambrosia-like fountain near the window and in a magic faucet behind the counter. They have over six types of chocolate ice-cream that stay true to the national roots, their own chocolate bars, chocolate pralines, chocolate drinks. Heck, they even sell chocolate ice-cream for lunch or as a degustation menu. This place puts chocolate on a pedestal, no doubt about it.

Back to their ice-cream. There are many key elements that make a good Italian gelato: there’s the creamy texture, the deep chocolate flavour, the crispy cone, and, if you’re lucky, the finishing touch tease: the chocolate at the end of the cone or the side waffle. This place has it all. The only difficult thing will be figuring out what you want to order within decency.

And there’s a bonus: while you’re enjoying your ice-cream on the spot, you can take a look at their chocolate souvenirs for the perfect gift. Spread the love, there’s nothing better than making another avid chocolate lover happy as well.

What you're eating:
The darkest chocolate ice-cream they have — to satisfy the nightwalker in you.
What you're drinking:
Their signature hot chocolate.
The extra mile for:
Their transparency: the artistry involved in the preparation of the ice-cream is right in front of you — you watch the ice-cream maker at work when you order your first scoop.
“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”
- Charles M. Schulz -