Mercado San Antón

Madrid: Mercado San Antón

The sizzling high notes of Madrid in one go

For a foodie, Madrid is a balancing act between the “where can I have the best food” and “how much flavour goodness can I stuff in my suitcase and bring home”. Mercado San Antón makes the decision making process easier.

Smoked ham, flavourful cheese, great olive oil and awesome wines... who doesn’t want to stock up on those? When we’re on a compact city vacation, it can be tricky choosing between the two paths due to time restrictions. Luckily, Mercado San Antón has the answer for you, and it's also a bit less crowded than the more popular sister — Mercado de San Miguel.

Located in the hip Chueca neighbourhood, Mercado San Antón is a food market that satisfies all your food needs at once. You can both enjoy cozy tapas over a glass of wine on the spot or buy anything from fresh produce, seafood, charcuterie to small dishes ready for your dining table at home. This place does not require reservations, but be prepared to spend most of the time standing at the food stalls, and occasionally cozying up with the neighbouring foodies due to lack of space. If you have more time to spare, check out their trendy rooftop bar giving you a 360° view of this buzzing side of Madrid. 

What you're eating:
Pimientos de Padrón, the green chillies a la plancha for a real local experience.
What you're drinking:
Cold craft beer.
The extra mile for:
Encapsulating the tastes of Madrid in one place.
“So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being.”
- Franz Kafka -