The Duck and Rice

London: The Duck and Rice

The Dim Sum Connection

If you thought that dim-sum, Cantonese braised duck and a well-crafted pub beer never meet, well, you haven't been to The Duck and Rice in London.

Located on Soho's bustling Berwick Street, close to London's hip record shops, vintage boutiques and barber shops, The Duck and Rice is your go-to for a casual drink and flavourful Chinese social food to go with it. We know, by this point you're thinking that this almost sounds like an old joke: “A Chinese and a Brit meet in a pub” turned into a recipe. But what says 'social' in Chinese terms better than 'dim-sum'?

This Asian tapas that is traditionally served at lunch with tea, meets its English reinterpretation at The Duck and Rice by being coupled with cold draft beer. Let's be honest... high-quality beer and sizzling Chinese dishes seem like an upgrade of both worlds to almost anybody. It kinda leaves you wondering how come nobody has thought about this marriage of flavours before. But this steampunk-looking Chinese gastropub is no coincidence - the concept behind it came from the same guy who did the now- established Yauatcha dim-sum restaurant and patisserie. Since it's right across the street, you might want to check out their fusion take on authentic Chinese desserts.

A bit about their beer… Besides the solid weekly supply of unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell straight from its motherland to the restaurant’s copper tanks, The Duck and Rice holds a solid stock of more refined local brews like the Irish Oyster Stout (actually brewed with fresh oysters shucked into the conditioning tank), Bath Ale’s bitter-sweet Gem or the Scottish Harviestoun Schiehallion.

Diss your average English pub food and replace it with steaming dumplings, crispy fried duck and sesame-tossed delights that will leave you wanting for more. Their menu is pretty straightforward and their dishes are casual and shareable (which is the usual synonym for “small” these days), so you'll soon find yourself ordering more throughout your meal. But be prepared, these guys are aware of the London standards and it can show a bit on the bill.

What you're eating:
Their smoked rib bao infused with Jasmin tea and their signature crispy duck dim-sum
What you're drinking:
The Irish Porterhouse Oyster Stout straight from the tap
The extra mile for:
Bringing a Chinese breeze to the London pub scene
“I work until beer o'clock.”
- Stephen King -