London: Cahoots

The London underground is calling

The fact that London has some of the most dazzling speakeasies in Europe comes as no surprise. However, literally turning a drinking den into a 1940-s underground station is a rare sight that gets any Gastropolitan interested. Welcome to Cahoots.

Yes, you heard it right. At Cahoots, “keeping it underground” takes on a whole new meaning. Taking its cue from the Blitz chic, the owners of this renowned cocktail bar have recreated a 1940s underground scenery with the whole shebang: a ticket office, a real-size replica of a train wagon, tacky 1940s paraphernalia and even an air raid bunker. The staff are pretty serious about the aesthetics too, as you’ll find bartenders and hosts in character, wearing retro outfits reminiscent of a British reenactment scene. Might not be 100% historically accurate, but it will definitely feel like a time-machine trip worth experiencing.

There’s more to Cahoots than its retro looks and Blitz swing. Once you get seated, you’ll get a chance to check their local “newspaper” covering the drinks selection. The bartenders concoct daring interpretations of classic cocktails with names inspired by 1940s popular culture and Old Hollywood. From velvety and citrusy blends such as the Joan Crawford and the Katherine Hepburn to darker and deeper tones of smoky whiskey or rum like the Bakerloo Brine and S1 Bulle(i)ts, the possibilities seem endless. One thing is for certain: there’s no ratio to how much one can sample and the look of the drinks will always be a pleasant surprise.

While you’re enjoying their magic potions and checking up on the Cahoots news in their newspaper, the high spirits will be tuned by electro swings rhythms from guest bands or resident DJs like the theatrical DJ duo Roustabouts.

With its iconic aesthetics and fun approach, Cahoots is a welcome addition to London’s drinking scene, enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. So make sure you make an underground stop in Soho next time you’re around.

What you're drinking:
The gin-based Joan Crawford with agave syrup, egg white and lavender is as fierce and mercurial as the actress.
The extra mile for:
Turning your regular cocktail into a flamboyant blitz experience.
“Everyone needs a fantasy. ”
- Andy Warhol -