Bunny Chow

London: Bunny Chow

Bold flavours and a bunny suit

For restaurant owners and food aficionados alike, London is a gourmet battleground. The pace is fast and knife-sharp. Eateries open by the minute and by the time you hear about them, they can already be replaced by newer and more exotic ones. In this flavour jungle and cultural melting pot, you may be tempted to drop by Bunny-Chow to explore the current taste of the times before it's gone.

Based in hip Soho, Bunny-Chow is a South-African eatery specializing in South-African bunnies. If you haven't tasted much of South-African cuisine or haven't lived there, you might be wondering what the heck do bunnies have to do with Durban or Johannesburg. At least we did. In fact, Bunny-Chow has nothing to do with rabbits. They don't serve them and they don't really promote them. What they make instead is a South-African street-food favourite: the bunny chow sandwich. They also claim that the first bunny of this kind was spotted in Durban around 70 years ago.

The idea behind a 'bunny' is pretty basic: you bake a round loaf, you scoop out the soft bit and you fill it with almost anything. The owners kinda knew that they are first wavers at doing this, so they even made a video to describe how to dive in this dish. Brace yourself though, it could get messy.

The concept of filling up a sturdy round bread with goodness is not exclusively South-African though. We would be lying if we didn't admit that, in a strange way, it reminded us of a Hungarian favourite that you can also enjoy at the Sunday's Farmer's market in Budapest. But thanks to both flavour and presentation, the bunny-chow definitely stands out and gives you an authentic South-African feel.

These guys like keeping things simple: there's four bold fillings to accommodate both meat-loving and vegetarian tastes, with your choice of bread. If you're really hungry, add to that some South-African sides like their signature pork-ribs, chicken wings or bobotie meatballs and a cozy South-African pudding for dessert. All this at a pretty decent price for London standards. If teaming up with South African bunnies does not satisfy your hunger entirely, head out to Smack Lobster for some of the best Lobster rolls in town.

What you're eating:
A South-African classic - The Chakalaka pulled chicken, made their way with Peri-Peri sauce
What you're drinking:
Their Madiba and North Beach take you a supersonic flight straight to South Africa
The extra mile for:
Being gourmet entrepreneurs at a lesser known dish on London grounds
“Make a move and the bunny gets it”
- Cyrus (The Virus) Grissom, Con Air -