A Vida Portuguesa

Lisbon: A Vida Portuguesa

An exercise in nostalgia and slow-living

If you could capture the pulse and soul of Portugal in one place, then it would definitely be in the shop A Vida Portuguesa. And the best part: you can get it back home with you.

More often than not, a trip is an exercise in nostalgia. An attempt to recreate a genuine feeling of comfort by tracing new paths, accommodating the eye with new sights and faces. When we’re back to the daily grind, longing sets in again and we soon find ourselves making plans for the next trip that will take us back to the same mental spot. For those precise moments and the pauses in between, an authentic souvenir from A Vida Portuguesa can reestablish the lost connection with the holiday spirit.

With three shops in Lisbon, one in Porto and a motley online shop, A Vida Portuguesa immediately transports in you a bygone era of this Iberian region. Their shops encapsulate the genuine spirit of Portugal by gathering the best products that this country has to offer in one place.

From fragrant Ach Brito soap bars, embroidered bags, and Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro swallow ceramics to chocolate sardines and preserved seafood in beautifully decorated cans (the latter, which you can also enjoy over a glass of wine at Sol e Pesca nearby). Each item holds a story of its own, and it also reflects the drive of its maker and the authenticity of its origin place.

You may think of A Vida Portuguesa as an exercise in slow-living, a much needed refreshing breeze in an environment overfilled with fast-fashion and trends. Browsing through their collection of artisan and authentic products, you will be tempted to bring a little part of Portugal home with you. And even as a tourist, you will experience longing and nostalgia just as the locals do.

What you're eating:
The Luças trout paté with Port Wine following an artisan method from the 1940s, free of additives and preservatives .
What you're drinking:
A Lisbon favourite, the Alcobaça Ginja
The extra mile for:
Bringing back the joy of taking your sweet time about everything.
“Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly.”
- Mae West -