Sol e Pesca

Lisbon: Sol e Pesca

Sun, Fish and a whole lotta Cans

The Portuguese have a long tradition of preservation, and canned fish is probably one of the most savoured non-pretentious delicacies that you’re going to find in Lisbon. However, there are not many places that celebrate this culinary legacy as good as the bar-restaurant Sol e Pesca.

Resurrecting an old fishing shop located on the hip Cais de Sodré (check out the cocktail bar Pensão Amor on the same street), Sol E Pesca is a concept eatery that takes the canned fish tradition to a whole new level. Besides selling tasty and affordable seafood tins (which you’ll also find in many other places, like in this awesome souvenir shop - A Vida Portuguesa), they turn it into one of the coziest and trendiest ways to enjoy a light dinner over a cold glass of wine. Imagine fish finger food the Portuguese way, with crispy traditional Alentejo bread, fresh herbs on top and a glass of cold local wine or beer to keep the conversation going.

If it’s one thing that this quirky and unconventional eatery will also deliver, that is a great atmosphere. They use old fishing equipment as the central element in their decor, which will feel like a journey back in time. Luckily, the city buzz echoing from their outside terrace and the sound of opening tins will re-anchor you to reality.

What you're eating:
A mix of their signature tins, best to share amongst friends.
What you're drinking:
Ice-cold Vinho Verde, local, of course.
The extra mile for:
Giving an old Portuguese tradition a contemporary spin.
“I am sure my music has a taste of codfish in it.”
- Edvard Grieg -