Pensão Amor

Lisbon: Pensão Amor

for a local Love Potion Number 9

For some of us, a good cocktail and a love tease are kinda the same thing. If this is music to your ears, then Pensão Amor in Lisbon is the place for you.

A blend of the right ingredients is what a mixologist would call their love potion number 9. Add dim lights and an acoustic thrill to the mix, and you might have something special going on. Welcome to Pensão Amor.

Located in Lisbon’s old red light district, this cocktail club is in fact a former maison close turned into a concept bar - erotic library - elegant sex shop hybrid, where love is celebrated in every drink. From time to time, they are also open for theme burlesque shows or concerts. Before you get your hopes up, this place is more innocent than one might think: it’s a mix of right aesthetics and cozy atmosphere that the owners have gone for. And the only one on one experience you might have here is with their in-house fortune teller who will practice card divination on you.

Psst, if all these cocktails make you crave for a savoury midnight snack, you might also want to check out the hip Sol e Pesca right down the street.

What you're drinking:
Their basil-infused egg white cocktail, perfect for a hot night.
The extra mile for:
Bringing a little sleaze to your blue hour drink.
“Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.”
- Frank Sinatra -