Hamburg: Mutterland

Mama, I’m coming home

Let’s get one thing straight from the start: every national cuisine links in some way to the idea of motherhood. Freudian or not, it’s pretty much common knowledge that our first food memories, and many times, our favourite dishes, are the ones the mothers in our families made for us. Luckily, you don’t have to be Proust and his madeleine to experience this trip down memory lane. You just have to visit Mutterland in Hamburg.

Both a restaurant and a gourmet grocery-store, Mutterland managed to somehow do the impossible. It recreated the feeling of familiarity, nostalgia and sense of traditionalism connected to good old mom’s cooking, while being..well, a mini food chain (they have 3 locations in Hamburg at the moment). There’s no individual German mum cooking and preparing their products in a cozy kitchen listening to Schlager, we have to give you that.

Culinary ambassadors of the heimische Küche,  the team behind Mutterland seems to have set out the slow-food trend in Germany. By paying an homage to motherhood and artisan German products, they brought to the locals gourmet delicacies that are solely made by small and medium enterprises. Thus, they made sure that the quality and taste are consistent, and that you still have that feeling of  “an actual person made this” when you take a look at something on their shelves.

So what is there in store? If you’re in need of a gourmet souvenir for your family, or just something to enjoy on the spot, you’re in luck. You’ll definitely find something in Mutterland. From homemade jams and local spirits to traditional cookies and organic dairy, they have it all. Sure, the package design may seem like something that our moms wouldn’t make, but welcome to the 21st century. We for ones, are always happy to see that somebody puts an effort into how things look. And a plus, they make awesome-looking presents.

Besides all the stuff that can fill your bags and suitcases, there’s also the bistro connected to the shop. It’s a perfect place for brunch or breakfast, since it gives the opportunity to sample their yummies on the spot. They serve many of the things they sell (cheese, spreads, charcuterie and the like), as well as traditional dishes like Muttis Spiegelei and Pfannkuchen, and classics such as Strammer Max sandwich and Schwabian Maultasche. All accompanied by freshly baked bread and patisserie.

What you're eating:
Anything that Mutti makes.
What you're drinking:
Coffee mit Milch.
The extra mile for:
Bringing Muttis heimische Küche back to Hamburg.
“I want to cook you a soup that warms your soul.”
- Sade -