Hamburg: Milch

No milk today my love is gone away

Hands down, in Hamburg you won’t be running out of proper roasts with places like Less Political and Nordic Coffee Roasters. However, it is still pretty hard to find a coffee spot that fuses all elements that make it, in our humble opinion, pretty close to perfection: 1) a unique design with a history 2) good quality flat whites 3) a big love for dogs. That being said, the recently opened Milch Café is a welcoming addition to anyone’s city list.

Located in an old 1950’s dairy shop (hence the name), Milch will probably charm you as soon as you notice it down the street. A large window lures in the passerby’s gaze, displaying hints of a time-long-past like light-blue tiles, fifties store typography and a mosaic floor. Yet, the retro German Milchladen feel is disrupted by a contemporary nod: custom-made wooden furniture by the owners themselves, sleek package design of their coffee grinds and tongue-in-cheek prints.

In this deliberate design, coziness may not be the most obvious things crossing somebody’s mind. And yet, with over 170 doggies having found their way to the shop and relaxed people sipping on their coffee, Milch Feinkost proves that a bit of soul can be brought into cold tiles and minimal interior.

Their love for dogs is perhaps not surprising considering that Germany is one of the best places for canine companions, especially in big cities like Berlin and Hamburg. And yet, Milch Feinkost took it one step further: they take photos of all of their four-paws visitors, and  even invented an Instagram hashtag dedicated to them. Check out “milchdogs”, if you’re in need of a daily dose of cuteness. Here's a teaser from their SoMe account:

Besides interior design and doggies, there’s of course: their coffee. With supplies from local and micro roasteries such as Good Karma Coffee, Bonanza Coffee and Schwarze und Cons., they can offer a wide range of flavours and body depths in their blends. The drink selection is pretty straight forward: there’s the classic brews - flat white, americano, espresso etc., tea and occasionally cold brews. And then there’s their milk: local Landmilch from Hamburg, served with their drink or on its own pure or with honey.

What you're drinking:
Flat white.
The extra mile for:
Turning an old German Milchladen into a modern café.
“Coffee solves all problems in one delightful little cup. ”
- Jerry Seinfeld -