Less Political

Hamburg: Less Political

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Berlin go home. For coffee lovers, Hamburg is all the rage at the moment. And it comes as no surprise, since this port city has a coffee history longer than 200 years. With cafes like Nordic Coffee Roasters and Milch, the transition to Third Wave coffee has become obvious. And joining this Club is Less Political in the Schanzenviertel district.

Formerly an art space, Less Political is a cafe with a less dogmatic approach to coffee making. They serve traditional brews, but their strength lies in their signature drinks that mainly use espresso as a base, and then layer it with almond milk, coconut oil and spices like elderflower and ginger. If you’re thinking about Tibetan butter tea or the Dutch anijsmelk as sources of inspiration, you might be right.

On their permanent menu, you’ll also find cold varieties - Dutch and Affogato cold drip coffee, as well as cold brews such as White Cloud, espresso tonic, espresso on the rocks and cascara fizz. All great on a hot day, both enjoyed on the spot or as takeaway.

And if you’re looking for a quirky coffee souvenir, or just a nice addition to your home collection, take a look at their espresso jelly. It’s homemade, with amaretto and almond flavour, and its interesting texture definitely makes it worth a try.

What you're eating:
Their homemade espresso jelly.
What you're drinking:
Almond flat white.
The extra mile for:
Bringing an extra flavour to the Hamburg coffee scene.
“Coffee is a language in itself.”
- Jackie Chan -