Hija de Sanchez

Copenhagen: Hija de Sanchez

Taste heritage from Mexican silver mines to Copenhagen’s hip markets

When you visit the hip Kødbyen and Torvehallerne foodie markets in Copenhagen, you’ll notice that they have a popular food joint in common: Hija de Sanchez. These colourful taquerias are run by Rosio Sanchez, who is driven to bring some Mexican taste and love to the locals.

You may have heard of Rosio Sanchez from Copenhagen’s fine dining scene. Raised in Chicago and based in Copenhagen, Rosio is nostalgic about her culinary Mexican heritage and is on a quest to bring some of it to the Danes. From a pastry chef position at Noma, she turned her attention to an older love: heartfelt Mexican cuisine. With authentic tacos like Huevo Rancheros, moles and lengua, as well as homemade paletas, Hija de Sanchez fills up a gap on the Copenhagen culinary scene.

What you’ll find at this taqueria is a love for simple and tasty ingredients. Their tortillas are homemade using a traditional recipe and corn imported from Mexico. They’re often prepared on the spot at the food stalls, a nice yet practical touch to their approach. The chiles are also imported from Mexico, but their salsas also rely heavily on local produce. The gooseberry salsa in the menu sounds a bit Nordic for a reason, and it somehow ties in the whole taste experience.

Beyond the trendy location of its taquerias, Hija de Sanchez is all about simple, honest food made with a love of flavours and an evolving curiosity for ingredients. And we’re digging it.

What you're eating:
Lengua Taco - Beef tongue with guacachile, onion and coriander
What you're drinking:
Their Michelada long drinks with Mexican beer, tahir and sal de gusano
The extra mile for:
Finding the sweet spot between Mexican authenticity and Danish edge
“If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong.”
- Groucho Marx -