Copenhagen: BlueTaco

Singing the Nørrebro blues in colourful Mexican rhythms

Located on the hip and happening Blågårdsgade, BlueTaco is a Mexican eatery that raises the bar of Copenhagen taquerias. Opened in early 2016, this street food flagship brings some South-American colour with a Danish twist to bustling Nørrebro, so make sure to pay them a visit soon.

Opening a tacos eatery in this city is yesterday’s news for many. Tacos with kødsauce (meat sauce) and melted cheese have been around for much too long in Denmark, but recently more modern eateries have brought a fresh breeze to the rusty Mexican street food scene. BlueTaco on the bustling blue street in Nørrebro is definitely a name worth mentioning. The man behind this concept is Morten Frydensdal, whose name may ring a bell if you’ve frequented the gourmet pizzeria Pz Nordic at the corner of Gothersgade.

The main selling point of this small Nørrebro taqueria is (predictably) their blue taco. Their homemade tortillas made of organic blue corn flour are treated with alkaline lime water to boost up their nutritional value. This means that what you’re getting is a gluten-free and almost guilt-free dough that tastes awesome and looks like it’s out of a Georgia O’Keefe Mexico painting.

And then there’s their tasty and daring fillings. With beer marinated chicken and slow-cooked Coca Cola beef with homemade pickles, BlueTaco plays off Mexican traditions and gives a nod to contemporary Danish tastes. You’ll probably be pleased to hear that they are no strangers to scrumptious vegan and vegetarian fillings either. Their Tofu-Dofu and Cactus tacos with pico de gallo, cole slaw or pickled cumin carrots are a welcoming addition for those who want a meat-free meal that’s exciting and full of flavour.

With their daring take on ingredients and their friendly and colourful mood, the guys behind BlueTaco channel the young spirit of Nørrebro eateries, thus becoming a reliable food spot for both lunch and dinner.

What you're eating:
Their Coca-Cola blue taco with slow-cooked beef, frijoles refritos, pickled carrot and spicy nuts.
What you're drinking:
The authentic Jarritos soda with guava flavour.
The extra mile for:
Bringing some Mexican colour and authenticity to the bustling Blågårdsgade.
“Hey, Rosita-I hafta go shopping downtown For my mudder-she needs some tortillas and chili peppers.”
- Speedy Gonzales, Pat Boone -