Bánh Mì Daily

Copenhagen: Bánh Mì Daily

East meets West in the heart of Torvehallerne

Asian food trends come in waves in Denmark: in the eighties... Chinese was huge, then came Thai, now Korean seems to be the new kid on the block. There’s one cuisine that seems to be sticking though: Vietnamese.

Compared to busier metropolises, Copenhagen does not offer an abundance of Vietnamese eateries, especially the street food kind. So when you come across one that’s fast, location-approachable, keeping their menu up to date with ‘what’s-going-on-in-the-world’, it’s a good reason to celebrate.

And here’s Bánh mì Daily - the little kid in the Lele family (make sure its older and more classy brother Lele for an upgraded gourmet experience). This eatery is in fact a food stand that opened in the hip Torvehallerne market last year. Being avid herb and chilli lovers - we had to try it out, and we kept doing it ever since. Coriander en-masse, crunchy yet fluffy baguettes, spice and everything nice - what’s not to like? As a bonus, the bánh mì-s come in faux newspaper wrapping. It makes the right noises when you rip it and it becomes a nice side-read, as well.

If you want something that captures the best of Vietnam and France, grab yourself a bánh mì and head off. Or enjoy it on the spot, up to you: at the counter — while watching the guys preparing it, or outside — mingling with the locals and feeling the market buzz.

There’s also a plan B: If you’re up for a more dangerous ride up to the hip Nørrebro, the street-food joint Bánh Mì is also worth a visit.

What you're eating:
The fish cake bánh mì or their spicy egg bánh mì, for those of you who love their greens.
What you're drinking:
Mixes well with a cold Tiger Beer.
The extra mile for:
Their Vietnamese take on a classic panna cotta, or was it crème brûlée? We couldn’t make up our mind. In any case, it had ginger, smooth caramel and it made our day.
“But in truth, should I meet with gold or spices in great quantity, I shall remain till I collect as much as possible.”
- Christopher Columbus -