Bánh Mì

Copenhagen: Bánh Mì

The lovechild of French colonization and Vietnamese cuisine

When you get tired of the traditional pickled herring smørrebrød (part of the ‘ultimate Danish food experience’, as most guides out there put it), venture out to the rough and trendy Nørrebro quarters for a sizzling bánh mì. The crisp French baguette that meets Asian soy & coriander might sound like a Westernized fusion trend, but it is in fact the lovechild of French colonization and Vietnamese cuisine. 

Copenhagen’s Bánh Mì is a cozy street food joint out hailing from offbeat Nørrebro (check out Pasta Mania down the street, as well, for a hearty and affordable Italian meal) that pays tribute to this quintessential colonial dish. Besides selling delicious bánh mì-s, they also offer a good selection of fresh & crispy noodle dishes, spring rolls and salads. 

As for drinks, they are not running dry of organic juice, homemade lemonade and Vietnamese ice-coffee. Yep, the latter is in fact made with real Vietnamese coffee. We are not sure if it’s good or bad, but it surely gives an authentic feel.

Our appreciation for bánh mì is nothing new (do check out Bánh Mì Daily if you find yourself in the city centre area), but this place has really made an impression with their cozy dishes and their cool distinct aesthetics. 

What you're eating:
Bánh mì, without a doubt.
What you're drinking:
Asian lemonade on a warm day or a Vietnamese coffee.
The extra mile for:
Their almost psychedelic mask logo inspired by the Chinese Bian lian tradition. You can take it home with you in the form of a tote bag or a T-shirt.
“The bánh mì sandwich is really the only good argument for colonialism.”
- Calvin Trillin -