Restaurant, Street Food
Flavourful ramen, steaming dim-sum and crisp spring rolls conjured through a Polish filter. The young and casual taste of the times is captured in an architectural enoki mushroom at this up and coming Warsaw eatery.

Pełną Parą
Pełną Parą is pushing gourmet boundaries by taking up Chinese lunch traditions. Their state of the art dim-sum are a Polish-Chinese fusion that capture the coziness and passion of both worlds.

Kraken Rum Bar
Bar, Restaurant
Smoky rum and sizzling spicy seafood marry and revel at this hip eatery. Kraken Rum Bar is Warsaw’s take on contemporary social food that’s made to be enjoyed casually and collectively.

There are not many gourmet vegetarian restaurants in Europe, but Kaskrut is definitely one of them. Combining French, Japanese and North African cuisines with local produce,, this restaurant delivers innovative dishes without putting a dent in your wallet.