Coffee Pot
Bar, Restaurant
Hailing from bohemian Trastevere, Coffee Pot channels the spirits of Southern comfort and Japanese social eating, while giving straight-up nods to local Roman tastes.

Salumeria Roscioli
Restaurant, Store
For many Romans, this salumeria-restaurant on Via Dei Giubbonari is an institution. Be ready to find some of the best artisan and slow-food delicacies that Italy has to offer, prepared with utmost respect.

Restaurant, Street Food
Gabriele Bonci’s hyped pizzeria revives the Roman ‘pizza al taglio’, turning into a gourmet delicacy. And it could easily become the most memorable gastronomical souvenir you bring home from your trip.

Gelateria Gracchi
Confectionery, Street Food
Real local ingredients, care about nature’s cycles and the slowest churning are what make an artisanal ice-cream at Gelateria Gracchi a nostalgic trip worth experiencing.

Restaurant, Street Food
Through daring ingredients and a contemporary approach, the owners of this hip young eatery give a bold upgrade to the successful local street-food classic — the panini.