If your tastebuds are up for some East-meets-West gastronomical playfulness, then the social eatery Nanashi in hip Marais is a place to consider. They're said to have introduced the Parisian bento.

Breizh Café
Taking its cues from true Breton traditions, Breizh Café pays tribute to the classic galette de blé noir by using authentic high-quality ingredients, but at the same turns into, what they call - a 'crêpe autrement', giving the humble Breton pancake a contemporary Parisian spin.

Lulu White
A newcomer to the Parisian cocktail scene, Lulu White is the love affair of old New Orleans and the French Belle Epoque. It flirts with dangerous liquids like absinthe in concocting contemporary cocktails that take their cue from Prohibition era classics.