La Fabrica
Street Food
When you’re heading to the hip El Born quarters, you’ll find scrumptious and affordable empanadas made following an artisan Argentinian tradition.

Satan’s Coffee Corner
You don’t have to be a devil worshipper to enjoy carefully brewed third wave coffee in bustling Barcelona. Unleash the daily grind at this hyped cafe that gets its supplies from independent local roasters.

Bar, Restaurant
Peruvian is all the rage right now. And there’s nothing that says Nikkei cuisine with a Catalunyan touch better than Kokka in Barcelona. Pisco, ceviche, spice... and everything nice.

Casa Xica
Casa Xica plays off East-West crossovers by bringing a taste of Thailand, Japan and Malaysia to Barcelona. With bold cross-cultural playfulness, their menu is like a Catalan love letter to Asian cuisines.