Giorgio Lombardi

Berlin: Giorgio Lombardi

Ice Ice, Baby

When you think of Berlin’s food scene, gelato is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. And yet, there are a few ice-cream parlours that make artisan gelato matching any local Italian establishment. Giorgio Lombardi is precisely one of those places.

Judging by its loyal Berliners and curious passers-by, it seems that Gelateria Giorgio Lombardi on bustling Weinbergsweg (on the same street as Yamcha Heroes and Gorki Park) is doing well. A deli by winter and a gelateria almost all year round, It’s been around for more than 10 years, making what it knows best: artisan gelato. Fior di latte, pistacchio, noce, pesca, cafe are all familiar flavours, and this gelateria masters the traditional recipes wonderfully. Fresh ingredients, no additives or artificial colourings, in other words: no compromises. Besides the more established recipes, they also create some interesting new flavours like ricotta and basil, banana and ginger or pineapple and lime.

A good indicator that immediately tells you that they are serious about their ice-cream is the way they store it. Instead of having it on display in ornate lumps (like in all the tourist trap gelaterias we’re all familiar with), they use traditional carapinas. By keeping the goodness in airtight stainless steel containers, they ensure that the fresh ingredients that they use stay fresh. No air or light contamination here, guys.

But artisan ice-cream is not the whole story. Their coffee is worth a mention as well.  If you’re a traditionalist, then a good ol’ espresso to accompany your gelato will do the job. If you want to venture a bit more though… your tastebuds are in for a surprise. Their Torino specialties like Bicerin and Savaudo are a nice addition to their menu. And, even if not coffee, we always like when Zabaione is served both as ice-cream and traditional dessert. Might as well have the opportunity to sample both, right?

Like its light and minimal decor, Giorgio Lombardi proves that ice-cream making does not have to be more complicated than it is. Being faithful to taste and quality are enough.

What you're eating:
Pistachio ice-cream that really tastes like pistachios.
What you're drinking:
The extra mile for:
Consistently preparing gelato with care and high-quality ingredients.
“When I'm not longer rapping, I want to open up an ice cream parlor and call myself Scoop Dogg.”
- Snoop Dogg. -