Satan’s Coffee Corner

Barcelona: Satan’s Coffee Corner

Caffeine from the deepest pits of hell

You don’t have to be a devil worshipper to allow yourself to enjoy a damn fine cup of coffee. Sometimes, a purgatory station to pause the daily grind might be all it’s needed. That’s why you’d probably like Satan’s Coffee Corner.

Placed on a quiet side street right the heart of El Gòtic, Satan’s Coffee Corner does third wave coffee. It might sound hipster, but besides gathering some hype around their establishment, promoting themselves as third wavers also means that you’ll get a good cup of coffee that’s been treated with respect.

In a way, you could say that the guys behind Satan’s Coffee Corner are purists. “No wifi, no decaf, no baby trolleys”, as their entrance sign states. What you’ll get instead is a careful selection of coffee brews supplied locally by independent Spanish roasters such as Right Side (Castelldefels) and Cafes El Magnifico (Barcelona). You can enjoy it the classic way, in the form of an espresso or flat white, or - if you’re more adventurous, you can also opt for the hyped aeropress or cold-brew.

What you’ll also get is a solid selection of food bites to go with it. Their food menu is like their decor: minimal, but carefully curated: fresh and crisp tostadas, croissants or sandwiches are amongst the classics. For the ones in search of a cleaner start of the day, they also serve chia pudding and muesli.

You might find your average Apple crowd in there, even without the wifi. Nevertheless, with their attention to detail and high quality beans, these guys are not cutting corners.

What you're eating:
Tostada, you’re in Spain after all.
What you're drinking:
Flat white is always a good choice.
The extra mile for:
Promoting seasonal produce by adapting their coffee supplies on the time of the year.
“And I said hello Satan I believe it's time to go.”
- Robert Johnson -