La Fabrica

Barcelona: La Fabrica

Argentinian heritage in offbeat El Born

There’s nothing that says extreme coziness more than an empanada does. Straight outta the oven, an empanada might just be the thing you need to satisfy your hunger induced by hours of exploring the narrow streets of the city. And La Fabrica in Barcelona might be the place in town for that.

Placed right in the heart of hip El Born, La Fabrica specializes in artisan empanadas made the Argentinian way: oven-baked and handmade individually. This means that what you get is nothing like an industry-made pastry: each La Fabrica empanada is unique, handled carefully by a real person’s hands. For us, that’s similar to homemade Italian tortellini vs. machine-made pasta: undeniably tastier, but also meant to build an instant connection with the maker. And that’s something to be excited about in this day and age.

Compared to other stuffed pastry varieties from around the world like dim sum or samosas, empanadas are a bit more resilient and easier to handle, which allows a lot more flexibility for fillings at the maker’s end. And in La Fabrica, you’ll have quite a lot of options to choose from. Although they describe their empanadas as Argentinean, we were pleased to discover a Catalan influence in their choice of fillings. And hey, the Spaniards have been munching on empanadas for half a millennium now, so this flavour fusion comes as no surprise. Ranging from the classic Cebolla y queso tierno to flavourful meat varieties and vegan-friendly options such as the Catalan Escalivada (charred grilled vegetables), there’s something for all tastebuds.

A plus for La Fabrica is its flexibility, as these guys are open 24/7. To us, an empanada is like an old reliable friend, whom you can always call out for a drink, and he’ll always show up. Hence it makes perfect sense to enjoy this social little pastry at any time of the day with anyone you feel like. Since the price range is more than reasonable, there’s no excuse not to sample more than one of these savory delights.

As a quick snack on the go or over a cozy meeting with friends, an empanada never fails to please. And La Fabrica in Barcelona is a reliable source for getting these scrumptious and affordable stuffed pastries.

What you're eating:
With so much to choose from, it’s hard to pick a favourite. We particularly liked their spicy meat empanada (with veal, onion, green olives, egg, and chilli) and their vegetarian empanada with escalivada, a charred mix of aubergines, onions, peppers and goat cheese.
The extra mile for:
Offering a value-for-money snack at any time of the day.
“My weaknesses have always been food and men - in that order.”
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