Athens: Falafellas

Champ hangover food is getting a makeover

Sure, maybe falafel is not what first comes to mind when talking about Greek street food. In fact, these Middle-Eastern classics are all the rave in Athens right now, for all the obvious reasons: they are cheap, they are somewhat nutritious and they have been raised up to hipster standards by a couple of Athenian eateries.

Falafellas is one of the good places where you can go and enjoy a freshly wrapped falafel to ease your hunger. These fellas seem to know what’s what in terms of trendy aesthetics. When walking down buzzing Aiolou street, close to Monastiraki, you will surely notice their cool logo design and fun interior with old school movie posters.

Their menu is short and to the point. Their falafel comes in two sizes - “pocket size” and the classic wrap in a considerable bigger size. Carnivores can also rejoice, as they also serve meatballs spiced in the same Middle-Eastern style. And all of them are under 4 euros.

The toppings are somewhat traditional, with a few exceptions though: homemade chilli sauce, yogurt dressing instead of the heavier mayo, roasted eggplants and tahini paste for an extra kick.

On the go or enjoyed on the spot if the weather permits it and the benches outside are free, this Middle Eastern street food classic is a reliable choice in times of need. And the guys behind Falafellas deliver some pretty mean ones.

What you're eating:
Falafel, falafel, falafel
What you're drinking:
Sodas are always in stock.
The extra mile for:
Resurrecting a streetfood classic
“Those are my principles, and if you don't like them...well I have others.”
- Groucho Marx -