Baba au Rum

Athens: Baba au Rum

Out with the cake, in with the liqueur

Since its opening in 2009, there’s been many great things said about Baba au Rum on Klitiou Street in Athens. And all with good reason.

As soon as you step in, you’ll understand what all the fuss is about. At first glance, it looks like Lynch’s Red Room turned 50’s tiki and brought Tristan Tzara along with it. The bar’s eclectic decor juxtaposes sleek 50s & 60s aesthetics with surrealist collectables and an interesting assortment of cocktail-culture reads. Don’t be scared though, although the owners are not afraid to share their love for the old, the interior is coherent and welcoming.

With its colourful design and “tradition in transition”, as they like to call it, there’s one thing about Baba au Rum that’s certain: they’re consistent. After 7 years of existence, the quality of the cocktails is still top notch and the attention to detail is reflected in every crafted drink. Add to that an alluring atmosphere and friendly bartenders, and the popularity of this bar becomes obvious.

Be prepared though: their menu is a bit extensive, as it covers reinterpretations of old classics, as well as their own signature drinks. As a tip for all cocktail menus that seem too overwhelming, stick to the first pages, as their favourites are probably bound to be found there. When the weather allows it, do take your drink outside on the back alley of bustling Kolokotroni street, to suck in the local Athenian mood.

Even if Baba au Rum is already an established and acknowledged cocktail den, it still lives up to the standards of a good cocktail bar you would expect in any European capital.

What you're drinking:
Their signature Baba au Rum cocktail — a twist on the classic daiquiri with notes of oak and vanilla.
The extra mile for:
Holding its place in the league of Athenian cocktail bars through consistent quality and service.
“I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.”
- Marcel Duchamp -